Be Home Buying Ready!

Dated: 02/18/2019

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Six Tips to Make Home Buying Easier

As we're approaching the spring market, inevitably there will be an influx of first time home buyers…or even buyers that haven’t bought a house in over 10 years. Here are a few things that I cannot stress enough:


This step is #1!! Getting your pre-approval letter before you go house hunting will ensure that when you find the home you're interested in and put in an offer, you are taken seriously. Desirable homes will receive multiple offers as quick as the sign goes in the yard!

Ask your realtor for a recommendation on which lender to use if you have any questions.


Have you saved for a down payment? Do you need to ask the seller to assist with closing costs? The more cash you saved, typically the better! 


I cannot stress this enough.  Desirable homes go QUICK.  Time after time, clients want to wait & think it over before even seeing the house in person and SNAP! It's already gone, offer pending.  If you see a house you like, act on it!  Tomorrow it might be gone.


I recommend going in with your very best offer that leaves you without regrets from the get-go. Home typically receive multiple offers.  You may even have to offer higher than asking price to get the home of your dreams! Ask your realtor for comps in the area so you can feel more comfortable.

Keys to your new home5. DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF

Do not get hung up on minor repairs that may be needed or cosmetics. New carpet & a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a home!  


If you have seen 20 homes in your price range between $125,000-$150,000 and you just aren’t seeing what you want… be open to increasing your budget by $10,000-$15,000. You may open up possibilities to other neighborhoods and more updates with just a minimal increase in your monthly payment.

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Be Home Buying Ready!

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