Getting your Home Photoshoot Ready

Dated: 01/04/2020

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Getting Your Home Photoshoot Ready

Sellers! It’s so important that your home is at its finest when the photographer comes to take real estate photos. There’s quite a bit to do to get your home up to snuff, so don’t save it for the morning of the shoot. The camera catches every little detail, which is why it’s vital to catch them first. Let me prepare you for how to get your home ready for it’s real estate photos.

Hide, Hide, Hide

Inside your home, the first thing to do is declutter. Find a place for everything that’s sitting out, even if just temporarily. This includes all children’s toys! We love our kids, but let’s hide their things in drawers, closets, or the garage until after the shoot. This also goes for our four legged friends – put away their food bowls, toys, beds, crates, and whatever else. Most of these things can be put in a closet until after the shoot. Find a way to hide or minimalize the appearance of cords, knick knacks, and personal photos.

Bathrooms & Kitchen

Clear and clean all countertops in the kitchen and bathroom(s). Pay extra attention to the mirrors and faucets! Any dried toothbrush specks or smeared fingerprints will be caught in the camera’s flash and  appear noticeably. In the bathrooms, remove all things that make a bathroom a bathroom! This includes soap dispensers, personal products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels, shower racks and everything on them, tissue boxes, rugs, and waste baskets. Yes, everything! We want to strip away all the “stuff” and present the room for what it is, and what will be there when the home is purchased.

Light Check

Test every light in the house and replace any bulbs that are out. Before the photographer comes, turn on every light in the house and the photographer will adjust accordingly. Prior to the photographer coming, turn off all fans and the television. Also, let’s not forget to remove all plug-in’s and night lights (yes, even if they’re cute). 

Clear The Outdoors

We’re taking the same decluttering idea and putting it to use outside. Remove or hide all hoses, bikes, toys, flags, and trash cans. If you have a pet, pick up their poop and dispose of it. Park your car(s) in the garage or down the street, not in the driveway or in front of the house. This will eliminate seeing any cars in home photos.

Neat & Clean

Your lawn should be freshly mowed and your landscaping should be neat and clean. Having the driveway, patio or deck, and exterior of the house pressure washed before the shoot is always a nice idea. We’re going for a finely manicured look. If you have porch or patio furniture, make sure it is arranged nicely and any cushions are tied down. Hosing down your furniture a day or two before the shoot would ensure it is clean for the day of, and free of any dirt and cobwebs.

Water Time

Turn off all sprinklers the day of the shoot, until after it is over. If you have a pool, remove any cleaner or chlorine floaters, and pool toys. If your pool has any extra features, make sure they are fully operational in case the photographer would like a shot.

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Getting your Home Photoshoot Ready

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